Memento: color, time and memory
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Ryan Giles

I think the most important props to follow was the notes that Leonard left for himself and the Polaroid pictures that remind of who is who and places or things that involve his life. By leaving notes for himself either on a piece paper or getting a tattoo, it reminds him of what is happening right now or what happened before. For the Polaroid pictures, it helps him remember things easier like getting a picture of Teddy, he sees it and sort of remembers him because of the little notes behind the picture.

Gabriel Yanez

The most important props are Leonard's Polaroids. While he uses the photos to remind himself of what is happening and who he can trust, he also uses the photos to create a narrative for himself. This is seen towards the end of the film when he takes a photo of Jimmy's car ans writes that its his car. He takes advantage of his memory lose and creates his own narrative.

Kevin Smith

I would argue that the most important props in this film are the tattoos on Leonard's body. Since they are unable to be erased, they contain the most important messages, such as the information about the killer and to never answer the phone.

Jose Hernandez

I would have to say that the most important prop in Memento is Leonards Polaroid camera, like Gabriel said " he also uses the photos to create a narrative for himself" I agree with this statement and add that this is how Leonard could differentiate fact from a lie, since he can't trust his memory any more.

Elida Cabrera

I would have to agree with Kevin. For me the most important props in attempting to make connections in time and space would have to be Leonard's tattoos because they are the only truth he knows. We see him getting these tattoos as time goes by and basically lives his life by them.

Becky Bond

I find it tricky to understand the level of importance both the pictures and the tattoos had. They both seem pretty equal to me because he lies to himself with both of them. Neigh can be trusted as fact, they are only the clues he deliberately wants to leave.

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